Medical Documentation

1. Install the Child Theme and Import Demo Content

Go to Appearance Themes and make sure that you have installed the Divi theme and it is activated.

Click on Add New → Upload Theme and select the downloaded child theme and install it. Activate it.

Click on Medical Divi Child Theme menu item (this will appear once the child theme is activated).

Scroll down, leave all settings default, and click on Import Demo Content. Please be patient, the import can take some time.

Great! Your demo content is now imported! You can remove the demo content by clicking on Remove Demo Content and Import Functions. Don’t do it if you want to keep the demo content!


2. Import the Caldera Forms (optional)

In the last step, we’ll import the Caldera form that is used in this child theme. Caldera Forms give us many more possibilities than standart Divi contact forms (but they can be used in this child theme, too!). Go to Caldera Forms in your Dashboard navigation and click on Import. Select the downloaded file caldera_forms.json.

Great! The child theme is now ready!


We can change the preloader color and background. Go to AppearanceCustomize and click on Massage & SPAPreloader. You can easily change the color of the preloader icon and its background.

The menu button can be easily changed in the Theme builder. Go to DiviTheme Builder and select the Global header. You can customize the button according to your brand.



This child theme uses one accent color (especially for buttons, dividers, CTA sections, etc.). You can easily change the colors in AppearanceCustomize. Click on Medical → Accent Colors.

The hamburger icon is the icon on mobile which you can open the mobile menu with. In this child theme, we can change the color of the icon and its background. Go to Appearance → Customize and click on Medical and select Hamburger Icon. You can easily change the color of the icon and its background here.


In order to display the latest articles in the single post widget as in the demo, go to AppearanceWidgets and open the Single Post Widget. Find the Recent Posts With Thumbnails widget and drag and drop it into the Single Post Widget. Don’t forget to save.

In order to have the menu sticky as in the demo website, go to SettingsSticky Menu (or Anything!). For “Sticky Element: (required)” insert #rp_header01. If you want to disable the effect for tablets and mobiles, insert 980 to “Do not stick element when screen is smaller than: (optional) “. See the image below.

The CSS code is located in the child theme’s folder. You can access it via FTP or directly in the WordPress administration. Go to AppearanceTheme Editor. Make sure that the child theme is selected and choose style.css. You can easily change any child theme’s CSS here. I recommend downloading a copy before you make any changes.

Version 1.0  04/24/2020

Version 2.0 12/22/2020

  • new one-click demo import feature (importing demo content is now easier)
  • responsive fixes for tablet


As a customer of this premium child theme, you get professional support. You can reach me via the Contact Form and on

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